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Vehicle Suspension Repair

Suspension damage can cause a super bumpy ride, unsable vehicle body, sinking frame, uneven tire wear, and spill oil on your shocks.

Catalytic Converter Repair

Since a catalytic converter is an integral part of your car, repair or replace it if it has become discolored, warped, or is rattling.

Exhaust & Muffler Repair

Prevent any possibility of toxic exhaust fumes from leaking into your car. Replacing a broken or damaged muffler is important to remove potential danger.

Custom Lift Kits for Trucks

Custom lift kits can raise your vehicle by 12 inches or more and will give you an increased field of view. Lift kits are also practical upgrades for vehicles that may be driving on off-road conditions or poor roads.

After Market Wheels & Tires

Aftermarket Wheels are different than the standard tires that will come with your car
and they are made by independent manufacturers. These can act as both an upgrade or a simple tire replacement.

Custom Muffler Replacement

Adding a custom muffler to your vehicle can unlock the full potential of your engine. Custom mufflers increase the available air for your engine to use during combustion that results in additional power.

Brake Repair Services

Keep yourself safe by keeping your brakes up to date. We inspect and repair brakes. 


Take Control of Your Car Customization.


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“I was looking for a thorough check-up on a potential used car purchase and was completely satisfied. Anthony did a detailed walk through highlighting every aspect of the car. I would highly recommend them to anyone that’s in need. Professional and very quick to respond. Thank you!”

– N Fraz

“Highly recommended. Very good quality work at affordable prices from custom exhaust systems to lift kits and all your auto accessories.”

– Josiah F.

“Great customer service! Left with what I wanted. Even though I walked in not knowing what I wanted. I will be going back soon.”       

– Byran P.

“Professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Five stars and two thumbs up!”

– Felipe M.

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