Catalytic Converter


Catalytic Converter


High Flow Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is one of the more important components of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Simply put, the catalytic converter works to convert more dangerous exhaust elements into safer emissions.

If you are having trouble with the catalytic converter, here are some of the indicators that you may need to have yours worked on or replaced.

Warning Signs Include:

– Dark Engine Smoke
– Decreased Engine Power
– Reduced Acceleration
– Sulfuric Exhaust Odor
– High Heat Under The Vehicle

Fix a Bad Catalytic Converter

As your primary exhaust emission control device, your car’s catalytic converter converts toxic pollutants found in your exhaust to less-toxic pollutants. This is a crucial process that is important for your car to meet many registration requirements.

Emissions are regulated and while it may vary considerably from state to state, it is a common requirement for all applicable vehicles.

If your catalytic converter is damaged, not performing optimally, and needs to be replaced, Autoworks is here to help.

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