Vehicle Suspension Repair & Alignment

Vehicle Suspension Repair & Alignment

The vehicle suspension system plays a crucial role in maintaining a smooth ride while ensuring passengers stay comfortable inside an automobile. It does this by absorbing the impacts of bumps and holes while driving. It’s also vital in providing friction, so your tires will perform as best as they can.

At the same time, vehicle alignment contributes significantly to how a vehicle operates. Alignment is the term used to describe the angle of the wheels in relation to a car.
Both vehicle suspension and alignment are essential parts of an automobile that drivers should maintain as much as possible. If you’re experiencing problems with either aspect of your vehicle, then you’ve come to the right place.

Auto Works is both a suspension shop and an alignment shop rolled into one. We provide solutions to drivers who are experiencing issues related to their wheel alignment and suspension system.

Our team of technicians is trained and experienced in restoring the handling capabilities of your vehicle. Give us a call at (505) 419-4627 to schedule an appointment.

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Signs You Need Suspension & Alignment Services

Any issues that are left unchecked with your vehicle’s suspension system will result in premature tire wear. When this goes on, it will eventually lead to problems with wheel alignment while increasing fuel consumption.

If you experience the following, you’ll need to visit an expert for suspension or wheel alignment work:

– Any unusual vibrations or shaking while driving
– Your vehicle bottoming out when going through bumps
– Excessive swaying and bouncing of the car
– Leaks in your struts or shocks
– Vehicle nose-drives when you brake

As a trusted alignment shop in Gallup, NM, we can provide you with the staff to inspect your automobile thoroughly for the root cause of the problem. Whether you need new shocks and struts replacements, or you need to simply align your wheels for better fuel efficiency, our team at Auto Works is here for you.

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