Exhaust & Muffler Repair

Exhaust & Muffler Repair

What is the Exhaust System?

The exhaust system performs three important tasks: Reduce the vehicle’s noise, reduce emission, and enhance engine performance.

The sensors of the exhaust system are the critical sensors that determine how much fuel is injected into the engine; they also ensure that combustion gases are emitted.

Combustion gases are waste from the combustion process, and the exhaust brings it away from the engine to the tailpipe, which is the rear of the vehicle.

This is because combustion gases are toxic and corrosive and can harm the occupant of the vehicle, so the exhaust system brings those gases away from the engine out into the atmosphere.

How to Tell if your Exhaust System needs to be repaired

Decrease in fuel efficiency

When you notice you’re spending a lot of money on gas, this could signify a problem with your exhaust system.
A possible exhaust leak in your vehicle could indicate that toxic gases are not being emitted outside your car and can cause the engine’s temperature to increase, which in turn causes fuel to burn quickly.

Noisy Engine

A surefire sign that you need an exhaust repair is a noisy engine.
A faulty exhaust system causes an exhaust leak that makes a rattling or a loud rumbling sound, especially when accelerating the vehicle.

Burning smell from your engine

When you perceive a burning smell from your vehicle, it’s probably due to a gasket failure and leakage.
The heat from the exhaust gas can cause the engine parts to burn because they are made of plastic.
Go for an exhaust repair immediately before you see smoke.

How to Tell if your Muffler Needs Repair

Most times, when a vehicle’s exhaust system makes noise or cannot perform its duties of taking out toxic gases, it could be because the muffler needs to be repaired.

A vehicle’s muffler is a part of the exhaust system that reduces the noise during the exhaust process and directs toxic fumes out of the vehicle.

The first and biggest sign of a failed muffler is noise!

When your car suddenly gets louder than before, or you start hearing a rattling sound, the muffler might need a repair, and it needs to be checked.

If you also take a look at the muffler and you notice major rust on it or holes around it or if your muffler is leaking in various parts, then you need to get a muffler repair.

And lastly, check the temperature of your muffler after driving for a while. If it is unusually high, you must get a muffler repair immediately to prevent your car from overheating.

Contact Autoworks to Repair your Exhaust & Muffler

If you suspect any issue with your vehicle’s exhaust system or your muffler, contact Autoworks immediately to prevent your engine from getting damaged and protect yourself from your car’s toxic fumes.

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